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Advion Ant Bait Arena

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How Advion Ant Bait Arena Works

Advion ant bait arena contains indoxacarb as the active ingredient. This potent chemical works slowly by digestion, blocking the sodium ion channels in the ants and making them die from dehydration. Because the poison acts slowly, the ants have time to carry the bait back to the colony and to wipe out other members in only a few days.

Where to Use Advion Ant Bait Arena

Use Advion ant bait arena inside and outside residences to control ants on lawns, around foundations, in pantries and other areas. Apply it in commercial spaces such as offices, hotels and restaurants, as well as industrial areas like warehouses and airports. The ant bait comes in individual stations with adhesive backings, making it easy to apply them to any surface, including on walls or the inside of cabinets.

Target Pests

Advion ant bait arena is for ant control only, not for controlling other indoor and outdoor pests. Though it targets numerous ant species, including odorous house ants and crazy ants, it doesn't provide effective control for carpenter ants. This bait contains a protein-based poison, so it's a good idea to use it alongside a sugar-based poison for maximum control.

Reasons to Use Advion Ant Bait Arena

  • Eliminates indoor and outdoor ants
  • Targets the entire colony
  • Starts to work within 24 hours of ingestion
  • Easy to apply on any surface
  • For use as direct or broadcast mound treatments

Use Advion Ant Bait Arena for Total Ant Control

Advion ant bait arena works well for controlling foraging ants and the entire colony in the mound. Use it indoors or outdoors in commercial, residential and industrial areas for killing fire ants, harvester ants and other nuisance species. Whether it's ants nesting behind baseboards or building mounds in backyards, eliminate them all with Advion ant bait arena.

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