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Alamo Propiconazole Fungicide

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Stop fungi from ruining trees on your property with Alamo Fungicide, a preventative and treatment option with lasting results. This systemic fungicide contains propiconazole and manages oak wilt and laurel wilt in the oak tree family. It works with Arborjet products and applies easily through normal injection techniques. For treating oak wilt, crabapple leaf disease and more, turn to Alamo Fungicide.

Alamo Fungicide for Effective Treatment and Prevention

Because of its systemic makeup, Alamo Fungicide spreads throughout the entire plant, targeting fungus at the source and preventing it from spreading to other areas. It applies as a flare root injection and offers preventative maintenance against a variety of tree diseases, which include Sycamore Anthracnose. Alamo provides a viable treatment option for fungus development and works quickly while providing long-term maintenance.

How Does Alamo Fungicide Work?

Alamo Fungicide contains the active ingredient propiconazole, a demethylation-inhibiting ingredient that targets and treats fungal disease in trees. This ingredient has a clear to yellowish appearance with no odor. As an inhibitor, it stops the growth of fungi on plants and protects them for a certain number of months or years. Propiconazole not only targets fungi but also bacteria and viruses that affect trees and plants.

Typical Uses for Alamo Fungicide

Use Alamo Fungicide to target and manage oak wilt and laurel wilt in the red oak family. It also works well for treatment against fungi and bacteria on trees in the white and live oak families. Overall, Alamo targets and treats:

  • Oak wilt
  • Laurel wilt
  • Dutch elm disease
  • Sycamore anthracnose
  • Crabapple leaf diseases

Where to Use Alamo Fungicide

Alamo Fungicide effectively treats diseases and fungi on trees in commercial and residential landscapes. Other places of application include:

  • Woodland areas
  • Golf courses
  • Community parks
  • Parkways
  • Business and home landscapes

How to Apply Alamo Fungicide

Always refer to the table on the product label for exact directions for use and application. As a guideline, determine the tree diameter in inches approximately 54 inches above the soil line, called the breast height, or measure the tree's circumference using the breast height and dividing it by three.

Dilute at least 10 milliliters of Alamo Fungicide in 1 liter of water per inch of breast height. Mix Alamo fungicide thoroughly with water in the tank before you apply it through injection. Re-evaluate the tree's progress at 12-month intervals, and consider preventative applications between 12 and 36 months after the first injection.

Target Fungi at the Source With Alamo Fungicide

From Dutch elm disease to oak wilt, Alamo Fungicide treats fungi and diseases and offers exceptional preventative maintenance for the long term. Apply it with a standard injector, and always read the label for exact directions and advisories.


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