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Aqua-King Plus Adjuvant for Aquatic Herbicides

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How to Apply Aqua-King Plus Adjuvant

Apply one to four pints of Aqua-King Plus adjuvant to 100 gallons of spray solution. It works with numerous post-emergent aquatic herbicides for targeting plant growth around lakes, streams, ponds and other waterways. Read the pesticide label for more information regarding nonionic surfactant use.

Aqua-King Plus Adjuvant Features and Benefits

  • Promotes faster spreading and uniform distribution on leaf surfaces
  • Lowers spray pH to reduce alkaline hydrolysis
  • Increases the solubility potential of some herbicides
  • Reduces surface tension so that droplets can cover a larger surface area
  • Encourages pesticide absorption and efficacy

Increase Spray Coverage and Performance With Aqua-King Plus

Improve uniform distribution and product absorption in wetlands, ditches, shorelines and other areas with Aqua-King Plus adjuvant. This nonionic surfactant and buffering agent not only increases spray coverage but also promotes greater solubility of certain herbicides. It improves plant uptake and reduces hydrolysis for greater product performance on aquatic vegetation and plants in noncrop areas. Aqua-King Plus adjuvant promotes fast spreading on leaves and reduces surface tension for optimal coverage and absorption. For improved pesticide effectiveness on aquatic vegetation, use Aqua-King Plus adjuvant.

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