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How Bora-Care Insecticide Works

Bora-Care Insecticide contains borate, an effective poison that targets an insect's digestive system. Once it digests the active ingredient, the borate goes to work and disrupts the pest's ability to digest cellulose; the insect dies as a result of starvation. The borate penetrates the wood and provides preventative control long after it's been applied to the target area.

Where to Use Bora-Care Insecticide

Apply Bora-Care Insecticide on porous surfaces in and around homes and businesses, including surfaces in shipping containers and transport vehicles. It should not be applied on food-prep areas or food-packaging materials. Use it to kill insects on cardboard, plywood, particleboard, bricks and similar surfaces. Bora-Care Insecticide protects siding, deck railings, wood flooring and other wooden timbers with one application. Use this insecticide to target insects in the following areas and more:

  • Apartments
  • Garages
  • Homes
  • Kennels
  • Museums
  • Warehouses

Target Pests

Termites and carpenter ants can't avoid the active ingredient in Bora-Care. These insects come into contact with borate while chewing on the wood. Though carpenter ants don't consume wood, they chew into it while boring tunnels and building nests. Therefore, the ants take in the active ingredient and die as a result. Bora-Care not only kills termites and carpenter ants but also wood-boring beetles and other insects that congregate around wood, such as roaches and silverfish.

In addition, Bora-Care is the ideal solution for targeting wood-destroying fungus such as brown rot. It also kills wood decay and algae, including dry rot and similar fungi in and around wooden structures.

Reasons to Use Bora-Care

  • Easy absorption into wood for residual pest control
  • Protects wood against wood-eating insects like termites
  • Kills carpenter ants and other wood-boring pests
  • Effective at controlling certain fungal species
  • Ideal for nonfood surfaces such as brick, plywood and siding
  • Treats indoor and outdoor spaces

Bora-Care Kills and Prevents Wood-Damaging Insects

Take immediate action against wood-damaging insects with Bora-Care. It's highly effective at controlling and preventing termites, carpenter ants and even some fungi on particleboard, plywood and other porous surfaces. It applies easily as a spray to the target surfaces and provides residual action thanks to its unique formulation. The active ingredient affects an insect's digestive system and prevents it from feeding continually on the wood. Whether it's a termite infestation or wood-boring beetles, Bora-Care takes care of the problem quickly and effectively.

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