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Catchmaster 612 Multi-Catch Mousetrap

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Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) TRAP Dimensions: 10.25 in x 6.25 in x 1.75 in.
Product Uses Residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, indoors and outdoors, sensitive areas where rodenticides or snap traps are undesirable or prohibited
Sale Prohibited N/A
Shipping Rate Free
EPA Registration

How Catchmaster 612 Multi-Catch Mousetraps Work

Catchmaster 612MC mousetraps are unlike traditional snap traps, which kill mice as they feed on the bait. Catchmaster traps lure the mice inside a chamber and prevent them from exiting thanks to their unique design. The mousetraps are made from clear plastic, so it's easy to see the mice that have entered the chamber. Each trap holds up to 30 mice and keeps them from exiting and continuing to breed and to contaminate interior and exterior spaces. They can be combined with glue boards or with peanut butter to attract more mice into the chamber.

Where to Use Catchmaster 612 Mousetraps

Use Catchmaster 612 multi-catch mousetraps in homes and businesses to trap mice without using chemical rodenticides. Place the traps in areas where the mice scurry indoors and outdoors, such as along the baseboards in a kitchen or the crawlspaces under a home. They're also useful for catching mice in industrial settings such as warehouses and storage buildings. Because one trap catches as many as 30 mice, there's no need to set multiple traps around the same location unless the mice have reached infestation levels.

Target Pests

Catchmaster 612 multi-catch mousetraps only work to catch mice in residential and commercial settings. They're not made for large rats or other nuisance rodents in yards and landscapes, such as chipmunks and squirrels. The mousetraps are more effective when used with mouse bait, cheese or peanut butter. The bait can be placed inside the chamber or on the ramps to lure the mice and to trap them immediately.

Advantages of Using Catchmaster 612 Traps

  • Humane method for catching mice
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Effective alternative to rodenticides and snap traps
  • Clear plastic for easy viewing
  • Holds up to 30 mice in one trap

Trap Mice With Catchmaster 612 Multi-Catch Mousetraps

When rodenticides are out of the question, use Catchmaster 612 mousetraps. These clear mousetraps provide a humane method for catching mice indoors and outdoors and releasing them far away from the human population. The mousetraps are perfect for homes and businesses and catch numerous mice when they're combined with mouse bait or other tasty lures.