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Contrac All-Weather Blox Rodenticide - Bromadiolone 0.005%

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Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Bromadiolone - .005%
Pest Control Multiple edges appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw, are made with food-grade ingredients and small amounts of paraffin for a highly palatable bait, holds up well, particularly in adverse or moist conditions, superior rodent acceptance and control including control of Warfarin-resistant rats, LESS toxic to non-target animals in both primary and secondary poisoning situations
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EPA Registration 12455-79

How Contrac Blox Rodenticide Works

Contrac Blox rodenticide contains bromadiolone in small amounts. This toxin affects the rodents' nervous system and causes them to stop feeding. Gnawing on the toxic blocks causes the rats and mice to ingest the poison, which results in their deaths within four or five days. Because of the blocks' all-weather composition, they work well in outdoor areas regardless of rain or shine.

Where to Use Contrac Blox Rodenticide

Use Contrac All-Weather Blox Rodenticide in areas where rats and mice have been seen or may be hiding. The blocks are small enough to fit into gaps and burrows, including tight crevices around foundations. Each Contrac block has a center hole for securing the poison to a rod in a bait station. Use All-Weather Blox in and around homes, office buildings, airports, restaurants and other sites where mice and rats have infested living and working areas.

Quick Tip: Although there is an antidote for bromadiolone poisoning, it's wise to place Contrac Blox in a tamper-resistant baiting station to prevent children, pets and other animals from contacting the poison.

Target Pests

Contrac All-Weather Blox is a rodenticide and targets various mice and rats. It successfully kills the most common species such as roof rats, house mice and Norway rats in and around residences, businesses and industrial buildings.

Benefits of Using Contrac Blox Rodenticide

  • Works at the moment of ingestion
  • Kills rats and mice in four or five days
  • Perfect for use in tamper-resistant baiting stations
  • For use in homes, businesses and industrial areas
  • Resists the elements when used outdoors

Contrac Blox Rodenticide for Effective Mice and Rat Control

Eradicate mice and rats on residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural property with Contrac All-Weather Blox Rodenticide. This rodenticide has an active ingredient that targets the rodents and causes death in less than a week. It works on evasive Norway rats and sneaky meadow voles, killing the pests and helping to control the population indoors and outdoors.