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Cycocel plant growth regulator

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What Does a Plant Growth Regulator Do?

Plant growth regulators inhibit stem growth and extend a plant's shelf life. They contain certain chemical agents that not only reduce growth in a given season but also promote denser growth in the container or the flower bed. Regulators also produce crops with shorter internodes, stronger stems and greener, thicker leaves. Unlike some plant growth regulators, Cycocel includes a wetting agent for improved activity on the target plants.

How Cycocel Plant Growth Reguator Works

Cycocel plant growth regulator contains chlormequat trimethylammonium chloride, a chemical that inhibits plant growth and increases density in the leaves. It's formulated to affect commercially greenhouse-grown ornamentals only, not field-grown ornamentals. However, it does produce expected results in container plants in uncovered production areas. Its wetting agent binds the active ingredient to the ornamentals and helps the regulator perform more efficiently after the application.

Where to Use Cycocel Plant Growth Regulator

Use Cycocel plant growth regulator in commercial greenhouses, shade houses and plant nurseries. These facilities should have covered spaces; otherwise, spraying Cycocel in windy conditions could create drift and cause serious damage to other plants. Use it to reduce plant growth on herbaceous and woody crops such as:

  • Ivy
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Easter lilies
  • Hollies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Potted roses
  • Rhododendrons

Cycocel Features and Benefits

  • Inhibits stem elongation
  • Promotes compact plants with numerous buds on each shoot
  • Induces and improves flowering
  • Has a wetting agent for better coverage
  • Can be tank-mixed with B-Nine water-soluble granules on certain crops

Restrictions and Limitations

  • Avoid applying Cycocel through irrigation equipment.
  • Don't spray Cycocel on plants that show signs of stress.
  • Only apply as a foliar spray on plants in shade houses and container nurseries.
  • Avoid using on plants that are grown for human consumption or animal feed.

Cycocel Plant Growth Regulator Provides Superior Results

If you want to regulate ornamental growth in greenhouses and nurseries, treat your plants with Cycocel plant growth regulator. It has an effective ingredient and an added wetting agent to provide thorough coverage on the plants and promote denser leaves, early flowering and multiple buds per shoot. You can also use it in outdoor container ornamentals according to the label. When you need better control of your greenhouse plants, use Cycocel plant growth regulator.

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