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Deer Scram Professional Repellent

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The Most Highly Effective Deer Repellent

Deer Scram Professional does what other deer repellents fail to do: deliver exceptional results for up to 30 days under normal rainfall and irrigation conditions. Even under fresh snow, Deer Scram Professional continues to work for up to 90 days and keeps deer far from your plants and flowers. Just one scoop makes a 20-foot strip up to 18-inches wide, which is more than enough repellent to stop deer in their tracks.

Derived from animal by-products, Deer Scram Professional contains a unique formula that emulates the scent of dead deer. Though it smells like a mild fertilizer to humans, deer mistake the scent for death and stay as far away as possible.

When and Where to Use Deer Scram Professional

Use Deer Scram Professional throughout the year to prevent deer from feasting on your trees and plants. Some common areas to use Deer Scram Professional include:

  • Vegetation plots and groups
  • Flower beds
  • Tree rows
  • Edible plant gardens
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Apply Deer Scram Professional about 15 inches from the edge of your garden or target area. Create a 20-inch-wide band around the target perimeter and in areas where deer enter your property. You can also apply three strips just a few feet apart across a deer path to keep the animals out of the area.

Stop Deer in Their Tracks With Deer Scram Professional

Use Deer Scram Professional repellent to protect your flowers, trees and edible plants from wandering deer. It works for up to 30 days in normal rainfall conditions and provides immediate results even in the winter.

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