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Dimension 2EW Pre Emergent Herbicide

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Target and control broadleaf weeds and grasses with Dimension 2EW Pre-Emergent Herbicide. This specialty selective product contains a pre-emergent formula for eliminating crabgrass, pigweed and other invasive grasses and weeds from residential and commercial lawns. In fact, it provides pre- and post-emergent control of crabgrass throughout the year. It also protects against weed growth in container-grown plants and nursery ornamentals without harming nontarget plants.

Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Dithiopyr 24%
Weed Killer Kills: Barley, Bittercress, Carpetweed, Foxtail, Oxalis, Mary's grass, Speedwell, Smutgrass, Woodsorrel
Sale Prohibited NY, CA, WA
Shipping Rate Free
UPC 662974000891
EPA Registration 62719-542

How Dimension 2EW Pre Emergent Herbicide Works

Dimension 2EW Pre-Emergent Herbicide contains dithiopyr, a chemical in numerous pre-emergent herbicides that prevents crabgrass and other invasive grasses and weeds from sprouting. Though it works as a pre- and post-emergent herbicide on crabgrass, it provides season-long control of chickweed, London rocket and other grasses and broadleaf weeds. It contains a nonstaining, low-odor formula and works in single and split applications.

Where to Use Dimension 2EW Pre Emergent Herbicide

Apply Dimension 2EW pre-emergent herbicide to residential and commercial lawns, landscape ornamentals and cool- and warm-season grasses. Use Dimension to protect vibrant landscapes in recreational areas and athletic fields. Dimension also controls invasive weed growth in:

  • Container-grown ornamentals
  • Golf course fairways, roughs and tee boxes
  • Commercial sod farms
  • Ornamental plantscapes

Dimension 2EW Pre Emergent Label Targets Crabgrass and Other Bothersome Weeds

Dimension 2EW Pre-Emergent Herbicide label shows it controls more than 40 annual broadleaf grasses and weeds. Dimension 2EW herbicide mixes well in spray tanks for use with other herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. It also works in conjunction with fertilizers to prevent weed growth while promoting healthy grass and ornamentals. Use Dimension 2EW with a specialty herbicide for even broader pre-emergent control over more weeds and grasses.

Eradicate Broadleaf Weeds With Dimension 2EW Pre Eremergent Herbicide

When invasive weeds and grasses ruin residential and commercial landscapes, remove them with Dimension 2EW pre-emergent herbicide. This specialty herbicide provides pre- and post-emergent control of crabgrass and season-long control of numerous grasses and weeds in residential, commercial and recreational areas. Because of its specialized formula, Dimension 2EW doesn't leave behind stains on surfaces or produce a foul odor during and after application. It also easily mixes with spray tanks for use with other pesticides and lawn-care products.