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Flight Control Plus Goose Repellent

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How Flight Control Plus Works

Flight Control Plus works in two ways: visually and internally. When the geese feed on treated grass, they experience a temporary but highly effective digestive irritation. This repellent contains 50 percent anthraquinone, which starts to work within 20 minutes after ingestion. Studies have shown that birds will refuse to eat treated areas, making Flight Control Plus a viable deterrent for unwanted Canadian geese.

Flight Control Plus also works without the need to eat it. Geese have an extra retinal cone that gives them the ability to see Flight Control Plus in the ultraviolet and visible light spectra. After being conditioned, geese will avoid grassy areas that contain this powerful repellent.

Where to Use Flight Control Plus

Use Flight Control Plus repellent in grassy spaces on commercial and industrial sites, including municipal sites in developed urban areas. It repels geese on lawns near or around airports, golf courses and both ornamental and conifer nurseries. Use it around office buildings and forage areas where geese feed and nest.

Flight Control Plus Features and Benefits

  • Keeps geese off properties
  • Effective yet humane
  • No unpleasant odor
  • Continues to work even in the rain
  • Doesn't wash away during irrigation
  • No feces to clean

Application Tips

  • Apply Flight Control Plus according to the rates on the label.
  • Contact responsible parties for severe geese infestations.
  • Mix with water based on the spray equipment recommendations.
  • Allow the treated space to dry before anyone enters the area.
  • Spray weekly or as required based on geese activity.

Storage Advice

  • Keep the container from freezing.
  • Don't store it near food or water.
  • Agitate the container if it has not been used in a long time.
  • Tighten the lid securely before placing the container in storage.

Say Goodbye to Geese With Flight Control Plus

You don't have to live with geese on your golf course, office grounds or conifer nursery. With one application of Flight Control Plus, the geese will flee the area and stay away with continued maintenance. Although it works by ingestion, it only causes temporary effects and provides a humane method for treating bothersome geese. When a flock has settled on your land, get rid of them in a more tolerant way with Flight Control Plus repellent.

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