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Gallery 75 DF Specialty Herbicide

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Gallery 75 DF herbicide provides successful weed control on cool- and warm-season turfgrass in commercial landscapes. It contains an active ingredient that kills more than 40 broadleaf weeds and grasses with little risk of harming ornamental plants. Not only does it kill weeds before they emerge, but it also keeps them from germinating for up to eight months.

Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Isoxaben - 75%
Weed Killer Aster, Bursage, Burweed, Celery, Chickweed, Clover, Cudweed, Fiddleneck, Filaree, Fleabane, Groundcherry, Henbit, Horseweed, Knotweed, Lambsquarters, Little Mallow, Indian Mustard, Wild Mustard, Black Nightshade, Virginia Pepperweed, Pigweed, Pineappleweed, Plantain, Purslane, Radish, Ragweed, Rocket, Shepherdspurse, Sibara, Smartweed (PA), Sowthistle, Speedwell (purslane), Telegraphplant, Thistle (Russian)
Sale Prohibited NY, WA
Shipping Rate Free
EPA Registration 62719-145

How Gallery 75 DF Herbicide Works

Gallery 75 DF is a dry-flowable pesticide that controls numerous broadleaf weeds on the target sites. It is a pre-emergent herbicide and contains an enzyme disruptor known as isoxaben. Once it's applied to the target area, the active ingredient goes to work and stops the growth of weeds below the soil. It prevents them from emerging and competing for nutrients with trees, shrubs and ornamental plants.

Where to Use Gallery 75 DF

Use Gallery 75 DF to kill ragweed and other various weeds on turf in commercial settings. It keeps weeds from sprouting in field- and container-grown ornamentals, including Christmas trees that are grown commercially. It also works to prevent weed growth around landscape ornamentals and shrubs.

Target Weeds

Herbicides, no matter the brand, are made to tackle weeds in lawns and landscapes. Some herbicides kill weeds after they've established on a lawn; others kill them before they emerge from the soil. Gallery 75 DF is a pre-emergent herbicide and stops weeds before they can take over an area. It stops clover from spreading and thistle from establishing on the landscape. Other common target weeds and grasses include:

  • Chickweed
  • Fleabane
  • Henbit
  • Knotweed
  • Lambsquarter
  • Pigweed
  • Ragweed
  • Speedwell

Reasons to Use Gallery 75 Herbicide

  • Stops pre-emergent weeds from growing and spreading
  • Made for commercial turf, conifer plantations and other weed-prone areas
  • Targets common weeds such as ragweed and knotweed
  • Perfect for landscape-, field- and container-grown ornamentals
  • Provides effective weed control for up to eight months
  • Protects nonbearing crops and cool- and warm-season grasses

Say Goodbye to Weeds With Gallery 75 Herbicide

Not all herbicides are safe to use on commercial turfgrass. However, Gallery 75 DF can be used on a combined 870 field- and container-grown ornamentals, nursery stock and more. It's safe to use on warm- and cool-season grasses and prevents broadleaf weeds and weed grasses from growing and spreading across the landscape. Whether it's ragweed or little mallow, Gallery 75 herbicide stops weed growth below the soil before it can do any damage to the target areas.