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Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide

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How Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide Works

Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide is OMRI certified Larvicide gnat control contains bacillus thuringiensis, a soil-dwelling bacterium that targets gnat larvae and kills them before they cause plant damage. Once the gnat larvae ingest the active ingredient, they become paralyzed and stop feeding; the larvae usually die within 24 hours. Gnatrol OMRI comes in a water-dispersible granule formulation and doesn't leave excess chemicals on the application site.

Where to Use Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide

Use Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide in greenhouses where protection against fungus gnat larvae is necessary. These pests thrive on both new and existing plant roots and cause widespread damage in a short time. Because the larvae attack the roots, the plants cannot obtain the nutrients that are needed to grow and will start to wilt. Before applying Gnatrol OMRI, make sure that you're supplying adequate water to the plants and have proper soil conditions and drainage. These are also common factors of wilted plants and may not necessarily indicate a larval infestation.

Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide Target Pests

Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide provides fungus gnat control on indoor ornamentals and plantscapes. Use it to kill larvae on nursery plantings in both greenhouse and potting soil mixtures. It also kills fungus gnats on vegetable plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants. You can apply Gnatrol OMRI by injection or with an overhead irrigation system, including drip chemigation and sprinklers.

Gnatrol WDG Features and Benefits

  • Poses no risk to ornamental plant species when used as directed
  • Kills fungus gnat larvae using a naturally occurring bacterium
  • For use in greenhouses and interior plantscapes
  • Protects ornamentals and vegetable plants
  • Can be applied with sprinklers or injection systems
  • Works by ingestion and kills larvae within 24 hours
  • Has a concentrated formula and a longer shelf life

Eradicate Fungus Gnats With Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide

Gnatrol WDG Biological OMRI certified Larvicide gnat control gives you the power to eliminate fungus gnat larvae and protect your plants' health. This effective, naturally occurring larvicide kills damaging gnat larvae in less than a day and brings infestation levels under control. You can use Gnatrol OMRI in greenhouses and various interior plantscapes to protect ornamental and vegetable crops. It provides accurate treatment and can be used in rotation with other pesticides. For improved control of fungus gnats, treat your ornamentals and bulb crops with Gnatrol WDG OMRI larvicide.

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