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Gravity L 38 Special Plant Nutrition

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Gravity L 38 Special Plant Nutrition produces essential plant compounds such as hormones, amino acids and antifungal agents. It also contains organic acids, surfactants and humectants for superior plant nutrition and uptake. Gravity 38 L Special not only increases plant metabolism but also alleviates the damage caused by environmental stress. It promotes nutrient efficiency and has optimum tank-mix compatibility. Gravity 38 L Special also maintains iron, copper and other nutrients in suspension during mixing, thus making it more effective when compared to other plant nutrition products.

Gravity 38 L Special Plant Nutrition Features and Benefits

  • Delivers phosphorous through the leaves in phosphite form
  • Produces antifungal agents, amino acids and other key compounds in plants
  • Increases plant metabolism
  • Contains more phosphite per gallon compared to other products
  • Provides superior tank-mixing compatibility
  • Relieves damage caused by the weather and environmental stress

Feed Your Plants Gravity L 38 Special

Gravity 38 L Special increases nutrient efficiency in plants while helping to improve disease resistance and alleviate damage. It penetrates leaf surfaces, produces antifungal agents and promotes increased metabolism all in one. When other liquid fertilizers fail to deliver quality results, switch to Gravity 38 Special for optimal plant nutrition.

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