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Gravity SL PGS Plant Growth Stimulator

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Grow strong, healthy plants and grass with Gravity SL PGS Plant Growth Stimulator Regulator. Gravity SL PGS contains a combination of plant growth hormones to stimulate root growth and overall plant health in seedlings, transplants and established plants. It not only assists seed germination and establishment but also stimulates cell division for faster growth and slower leaf aging. If you want green fairways and healthy sod, treat the grass with Gravity SL PGS.

Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Cytokinin, as kinetin 0.090%, Gibberellic acid 0.030%, Indolebutyric acid 0.045%
Product Uses Plant Growth Stimulator Stimulator
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How Gravity SL PGS Works

Gravity SL PGS contains cytokinin, gibberellic acid and indole butyric acid. These three essential plant hormones work together to improve root growth in young and established plants. Cytokinin promotes cell division and slows leaf aging while gibberellic acid assists in cell division. Indole butyric acid stimulates root formation and encourages healthy development. Together, these natural plant hormones help to develop seedlings into healthy grass, aid recovery in stressed plants and assist in seed germination and sod establishment.

Gravity SL PGS Clipping Production

When Gravity SL PGS was applied to creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass putting greens, the treated plots did not increase clippings when compared to untreated plots. Gravity SL PGS plots did, however, produce fewer clippings than plots that were treated with 46-0-0 nitrogen fertilizer.

Gravity SL PGS Seed Germination

A research crew from the University of Minnesota conducted a seed germination trial with Gravity-treated seed and untreated seed. In tests with Kentucky bluegrass, the Gravity-treated seed showed faster initial germination and more total seed germination compared to the untreated seed. Grasses such as tall fescue, creeping bentgrass and Chewings fescue showed similar results.

Gravity SL PGS Features and Benefits

  • Contains three plant growth hormones for improved plant health
  • Encourages root growth on both young and mature plants
  • Helps stressed plants recover and grow stronger
  • Stimulates cell division and slows leaf aging
  • For use on seedlings, transplants and established plants
  • Available as a coating on turfgrass seed
  • Produces fewer clippings compared to 46-0-0 fertilizer
  • Promotes faster initial seed germination

Establish Healthy Grass and Plants With Gravity SL PGS

Don't just fertilize residential and commercial sod and turfgrass; feed the lawns Gravity SL PGS plant growth stimulator. This 100 percent effective product stimulates root growth in plant seedlings and mature plants, helping to promote cell division while reducing leaf aging. It works to improve grass health and development in residential lawns, golf courses and commercial landscapes and also encourages root growth in transplants. PGS-treated plots produce fewer clippings than fertilizer-treated plots do, and Gravity SL PGS promotes faster germination in Kentucky bluegrass and other plants.