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MilStop Fungicide

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How MilStop Fungicide Works

The potassium bicarbonate in MilStop fungicide draws moisture from the fungus and its strands, preventing it from growing and establishing on the plants. It also alters the pH balance on the leaf's surface, preventing the fungus from producing vital enzymes for growth. It provides broad-spectrum, organic control and treats numerous fungal species on contact.

Target Uses

MilStop fungicide does more than kill and prevent powdery mildew growth; it also controls various diseases that target crops and ornamentals. Some of these diseases include:

  • Alternaria blight
  • Anthracnose
  • Downy mildew
  • Various leaf spots

Where to Use MilStop Fungicide

MilStop Fungicide works on both interiorscapes and field crops, providing total protection from the moment of application. Use this effective fungicide in:

  • Edibles like grapes and peppers
  • Greenhouses
  • Herb gardens
  • Ornamental crops
  • Woody plants

Benefits of MilStop Fungicide

  • Cures powdery mildew and prevents foliar diseases
  • Works in a variety of settings
  • Dissolves in water and dries clean
  • Contains surfactants for the ultimate performance
  • Has no known resistance
  • Approved by the FDA and works with a 1-hour REI
  • University tested and 100 percent effective

Get Total Protection With MilStop Fungicide

Whether it's powdery mildew or black spot, MilStop fungicide works quickly to kill and control damaging fungal diseases. It works on contact, dries quickly with no residue and works continuously for up to two weeks. MilStop provides total foliar coverage thanks to an added surfactant and never restricts plant growth.

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