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Mole Scram Repellent

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If you want an all-natural treatment for moles, Mole Scram can do the job. Created with an all-natural, organic and completely biodegradable formula, Mole Scram repels stubborn moles from your garden and landscape without causing any harm. When moles have burrowed too many holes and devoured your edible plants, drive them away with Mole Scram.

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How Mole Scram Works

Mole Scram drives away moles with its strong odor and unpleasant taste. Each granule contains castor oil, citronella oil, garlic oil and peanut hulls to create a taste and an odor that moles can't stand. Though the granules repel moles immediately, it doesn't harm them in any way.

For the best results, apply Mole Scram at the beginning of spring and fall. After encountering the granules, some moles may just dig deeper into the soil. Therefore, reapply Mole Scram in the summer to drive the pests away from your property and to keep them from coming back.

Where to Use Mole Scram

Mole Scram provides effective results in lawns and gardens in both residential and commercial areas. Use it to prevent moles from eating vegetables in home gardens and from ruining landscaped areas around businesses. Mole Scram also repels moles in recreational lawns, parks and other wide landscapes. One 22-pound bucket contains enough Mole Scram to cover up to 15,000 square feet.

Fight Moles Naturally With Mole Scram

Use all-natural, organic Mole Scram to prevent moles from damaging your lawn and garden. This repellent contains several active ingredients for driving moles away from the target area without harming or killing the animals. Though you can apply Mole Scram at anytime of the year, it's best to use it in the early spring and fall when moles are most active. If moles have become a nuisance on your property, kick them out with Mole Scram.