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Ovation SC Miticide Insecticide

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How Ovation SC Insecticide Works

Clofentezine is the active ingredient in Ovation SC Insecticide and targets mites at the youngest stages, including the eggs. It works through direct spray contact or by mite contact with residue on the foliage. Clofentezine wipes out immature mites and prevents the eggs from hatching. It also controls many different mite species that feed on plants in greenhouses and field-grown stock. If adult mites make up a majority of the population, you can tank-mix Ovation SC with an adult miticide for improved control.

When and Where to Use Ovation SC Insecticide

Use Ovation SC Insecticide when you first notice mite activity on your plants. If you don't catch the infestation early enough, you'll need to use Ovation SC with another miticide to target the eggs, immature stages and adults all in one. This effective miticide works on the most invasive mites on ornamental plants, including nonbearing trees, vines and roses. Use it to control mite infestations in:

  • Greenhouses
  • Shade houses
  • Outdoor containers
  • Field-grown plants

Ovation SC Miticide Target Pests

Ovation SC Miticide controls different mite species on greenhouse crops and outdoor containers. It works best when it's sprayed on all parts of the plant, including the undersides of the leaves. Ovation SC helps you take control of:

  • Two-spotted spider mites
  • Pacific spider mites
  • McDaniel spider mites
  • European spider mites
  • Yellow spider mites

Ovation SC Miticide Features and Benefits

  • Targets the eggs and immature stages for improved population control
  • Kills many of the common mites found in greenhouse and container crops
  • Works with tank-mixes as a total mite management solution
  • Has limited to no effect on beneficial predatory mites
  • Useful in integrated pest management programs
  • For use in greenhouses, shade houses and field-grown nursery stock
  • Continues to treat mite infestations for up to 45 days

Ovation SC Insecticide Provides Effective Treatment for Invasive Mites

When you notice the first sign of mite activity, use Ovation SC Insecticide to stop the infestation before it grows beyond your control. It works to kill the eggs and the immature stages, keeps population numbers in check and prevents devastating plant damage. You can also use it with adult miticides in tank-mixes for targeting all mite life stages. When you want a miticide that works without harming your beneficial predatory mites, treat your plants with Ovation SC.

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