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Rabbit Scram Granular Repellent

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Protect Your Lawn and Garden With Rabbit Scram

Rabbit Scram uses the rabbits' excellent sense of smell against them. Each granule contains a biological formula that triggers an alert response in rabbits. Once they smell the granules, they're convinced that harm is nearby. The rabbits then flee the area and leave your gardens and plants untouched.

For the best results, apply Rabbit Scram granules in the surrounding areas of your property. As they forage, they pick up the scent from the granules and take off before they have a chance to enter your garden. Because Rabbit Scram comes in small granules, it's easy to spread over the target area. It's also organic and safe to use around pets and humans.

Rabbit Scram Provides Long-Lasting Results

Just one application of Rabbit Scram provides effective results for up to 45 days. Just sprinkle it around your flower beds, vegetable gardens and ornamental plants, and watch as it repels rabbits as they get close. Rabbit Scram doesn't dissolve in water, so you don't have to worry about reapplying the granules after a heavy rain. Because it smells like a mild fertilizer to humans, it won't bother you as you work in the garden or play outdoors.

If rabbits have invaded your property, kick them out with Rabbit Scram. This highly effective, all-natural repellent drives rabbits away without harming them. Apply it in the early spring and during the summer to keep foraging rabbits out of your garden. For a natural way to protect your plants from invasive rabbits, rely on Rabbit Scram organic repellent. Phoenix Environmental Design Inc. is proud to offer Free Shipping for this product

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