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Talstar P (Talstar One) Insecticide - Bifenthrin 7.9%

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How Talstar P Insecticide Works

The bifenthrin in Talstar P Insecticide is a pyrethroid, a synthetic version of a naturally occurring pyrethrin found in chrysanthemums. This ingredient causes a paralyzed state followed by death. Though bifenthrin doesn't provide an immediate knockdown, it works quickly enough to stop social insects from creating pheromone trails. When used as directed, it is an effective curative and preventative treatment for many different insects in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural settings.

Talstar P Insecticide Application Areas

It's safe to use this insecticide in most areas where insects pose a risk to people, pets, food and property. Use it to protect trees, shrubs and foliage plants on home and business landscapes, including turfgrass and ornamental flowers in recreational areas like parks. You can also use it to provide residual protection in areas such as:

  • Animal kennels
  • Restaurants and home kitchens
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • Athletic fields
  • Livestock premises
  • Office buildings
  • Greenhouses

Target Pests

Talstar P insecticide controls more than 75 pests, from common turfgrass weevils to plant-damaging leaf miners. It also kills the brown dog tick, an unusual species that can complete its entire life cycle indoors. The active ingredient bifenthrin works to treat and prevent flea infestations both indoors and out. It controls many other pests such as:

  • Ants (carpenter, fire, etc.)
  • Beetles
  • Chiggers
  • Cockroaches
  • Gnats
  • Moths
  • Pillbugs
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Termites

This insecticide is also effective at managing common greenhouse and garden pests such as thrips, whiteflies and spider mites. However, you should not use it directly on fruit- and nut-bearing trees or edible food in restaurants and home kitchens.

Insecticide Features and Benefits

  • Provides residual control for 90 days
  • Kills more than 75 different pest insects
  • Works indoors and outside
  • For use as a general application or a spot treatment
  • Dries clear with no leftover residue
  • Odorless and nonstaining

Control Pest Insects With This Insecticide

It offers broad-spectrum control in many different establishments and prevents infestations for months after a single spray. Its highly effective formula goes on clear and provides residual pest control in areas where insects congregate and breed, such as in cracks, around foundations and in food-handling areas. If you have a problem with bed bugs, fleas or any other invasive pest, take care of the problem quickly with Talstar insecticide.

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