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Temprid Ready Spray Insecticide

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Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Imidacloprid - 0.050% Beta-Cyfluthrin - 0.025%
Pest Control Ants (excluding fire ants), bed bugs, black widow spiders, boxelder bugs, brown recluse spiders, brown widow spiders, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, carpet beetles, centipedes, clothes moths, cluster flies, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, elm leaf beetles, firebrats, fleas, flies, fruit flies, flour beetles, globular stink (kudzu) bugs, gnats, grain weevils, hide beetles, house flies, leather beetles, millipedes, mosquitoes, moths, multicolored Asian lady beetles, phorid flies, pill bugs, sciarid flies (fungus gnats), scorpions, silverfish, sow bugs, spiders, springtails, stable flies, ticks, wood-infesting beetles, and wasps.
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EPA Registration 432-1527

How Temprid Ready Spray Works

Temprid Ready Spray insecticide contains imidacloprid and beta-cyfluthrin. Though these two ingredients function in different ways, they work together to provide a total pest control solution. Beta-cyfluthrin is a type of pyrethroid, which goes to work quickly once it's contacted or ingested. It acts on an insect's nervous system, causing excitation and paralysis. The insect will no longer be able to feed or to groom itself and will die within minutes or hours depending on the species. It has low toxicity and is safe to use around people and pets once the chemical has dried on the surface.

Quick knockdown is all well and good, but the true power of Ready Spray lies in its second active ingredient: imidacloprid. This ingredient takes a while to degrade and adheres to surfaces for an extended time. It also has a slower kill time compared to beta-cyfluthrin; therefore, it has a greater effect on social insects such as roaches. Imidacloprid also targets an insect's nervous system once the pest touches or consumes it. Because of its delayed action, the pest has time to take the ingredient back to the colony. The members will spread the ingredient around, resulting in their eventual death.

Where to Use Temprid Ready Spray

Temprid Ready Spray comes in a convenient spray can, making it ideal for use indoors and outdoors. The low percentage of each active ingredient makes Temprid safe to use in and around homes and businesses. Pest control professionals can use this product to eliminate pest infestations in residences such as houses, apartments and nursing homes. It can also be used for DIY pest control in homes and offices, including transport vehicles such as buses and trucks.

Use this insecticide as a spot or crack-and-crevice treatment indoors and outdoors to target visible and hidden pests. It can also be used with aerosol application equipment to cover a larger area at one time. Though Ready Spray is labeled for use in restaurants, it shouldn't be used in food-handling areas. Some of the more common sites for use include:

  • Bakeries
  • Cafeterias
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Kennels
  • Packing plants
  • Schools
  • Warehouses

Target Pests

Temprid provides broad-spectrum control of numerous crawling and flying insect pests. It not only targets individual species on the spot and their colonies through residual control, but it also kills resistant indoor pests such as bedbugs. It targets these pests at all life stages, including the eggs, and prevents the bugs from spreading and infesting an interior. The active ingredients are also effective at killing other blood-sucking pests such as fleas and ticks. It kills them outdoors where they breed and stops an infestation from developing on pets.

Use Ready Spray in nozzle form to kill pests indoors with a fine mist, or target them directly using the straw for quick kills. The spray won't lose pressure when the can is tilted upside down when targeting pests on the ceiling. Temprid kills common insects such as ants; however, the ingredients do not affect fire ants. Some of the most common target pests include:

  • Bedbugs
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Carpenter bees
  • Fleas
  • Gnats
  • Mosquitoes
  • Pillbugs
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Ticks
  • Wasps

Reasons to Use Temprid Ready Spray

  • Two powerful ingredients for quick and long-lasting control
  • Kills poisonous pests such as black widows and scorpions
  • Never loses pressure when upside down or nearly empty
  • No odor, no propellants and no messy applications
  • Kills and controls bedbug infestations
  • Easy to apply both indoors and outdoors

Temprid Ready is the Quick and Reliable Choice

Temprid Ready Spray provides the convenience and the power of a tank mix in an easy-to-use aerosol can. It can be sprayed with or without the included straw for use as a mist or a crack-and-crevice treatment. It knocks down hard-to-kill insect pests such as roaches and bedbugs and provides up to six months of pest protection thanks to its unique formulation. Whether it's a problem with ants, flies or other annoying pest insects, use Temprid Ready Spray to combat nuisance pests and to keep them from reinfesting buildings and landscapes.