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Vector Plasma 1083 Fly Light (Screened)

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Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Special Features: Screen model hides glue boards from view in more sensitive accounts. Meets all FDA and USDA guidelines for use in food handling areas. Versatile placement options.
Product Uses Ideal for use in food processing, commercial kitchens, restaurants (back of house), warehouses, schools, etc.
Sale Prohibited Parts Included: 2 x 36 watt UV bulbs, 1 glue board, installation template and hardware. Replacement bulbs and glue boards sold separately.
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EPA Registration

How Vector Plasma Fly Lights Work

The Vector Plasma Fly Light includes two 36-watt ultraviolet bulbs and glue boards for attracting and killing nuisance flies. It comes in two types: screened and grilled. The screened fly light conceals the glue board to hide the insects and works best around restaurants and other sensitive areas such as schools and food-processing facilities. The grilled fly light also holds a glue board but doesn't hide it from view. However, it's easy to inspect the board for pests.

Where to Use Vector Plasma Fly Lights

Use Vector Plasma Fly Lights outdoors around homes, businesses, schools and other areas where nuisance flies gather. Place the lights about 3 to 6 feet off the floor for the best results. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally and placed in a corner, on a counter or on top of any sturdy base like a table. Replace the bulbs every six months and the glue boards every 30 to 60 days depending on the infestation level.

Target Pests

Vector Plasma Fly Lights control fly populations and help to reduce their numbers around homes, businesses and other buildings. They capture houseflies, blow flies, fruit flies and drain flies, including other flying pests such as mosquitoes. Place the fly lights in areas where infestations occur regularly, such as around entryways, outdoor kitchens and lighted patios.

Reasons to Use Vector Plasma Fly Lights

  • Can be mounted on walls or placed on surfaces
  • Produces the brightest light of any fly light on the market
  • Provides coverage for up to 8,000 square feet
  • Includes shatterproof lights and glue boards

Kill Nuisance Flies With Vector Plasma Fly Lights

When flies and mosquitoes become a problem, reduce their numbers with Vector Plasma Fly Lights. The brushed aluminum surface complements existing outdoor decor and lighting fixtures. The lights come in two styles for use around homes, offices, restaurants and other fly-prone areas like schools and warehouses. Whether it's houseflies or mosquitoes, the two 36-watt bulbs attract the pests while the glue boards trap them for good.