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Fast Break Foam Reducing Adjuvant Surfactant

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Mixing herbicides with soft water creates massive foaming problems, but Fast Break Adjuvant Surfactant suppresses foam for improved pump and spray applications. By reducing foam, Fast Break decreases mixing and tank-filling times. It also minimizes the loss of crop-protection products and prevents vegetation death when spray tanks foam over. Agitation during transport and use causes foam buildup in spray tanks. However, Fast Break knocks down foam and minimizes air entrapment that leads to spray problems. Defoamers, such as Fast Break, contain silicone to help reduce foam as it develops in the tank. They also function as antifoams to destroy foam completely before it can lead to problems within and outside of the spray tank.

Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s)
Product Uses Foam Reducing Adjuvant Surfactant
Sale Prohibited CA, WA
Shipping Rate Free
EPA Registration

How to Apply Fast Break Adjuvant

Apply one ounce of Fast Break per 100 gallons of spray solution during mixing as a preventative measure against foam. To treat foam buildup, add Fast Break adjuvant as needed.

Fast Break Adjuvant Features and Benefits

  • Prevents foam during pesticide mixing
  • Knocks down foam after development
  • Reduces foam to decrease filling times

Treat and Prevent Foam With Fast Break Adjuvant

Use Fast Break adjuvant to treat foam buildup and to suppress foam during mixing and filling. This antifoam agent stops air entrapment and prevents pump and spray problems during use. It creates a better environment for mixing herbicides with soft water and reduces the loss of protection products due to excess foaming. Fast Break adjuvant prevents vegetation damage when foam spills from the spray tank and ensures a foam-free application in agricultural settings.