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Buckhorn Plantain: A Perennial Turf Weed

Posted by Kris Lee on

John D. Byrd, Mississippi State University,

What is Buckhorn Plantain?

This perennial turf weed is common in residential lawns and other turf sites, producing football-shaped leaves that cluster at the base of the weed. It also produces flower heads that have no leaves, sitting atop long, slender stems. This weed prefers disturbed areas and is easy to spot with its protruding stems and leafy base.

How to Get Rid of Buckhorn Plantain

If this weed has established in the lawn, use a postemergent herbicide to take quick control. A two- or three-way broadleaf product with optimal translocative properties will help to keep this weed in check throughout the season. Proper mowing and good fertilization techniques can also help to prevent buckhorn from establishing in the turf.

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