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Few insects cause extensive property damage the way termites do. These pests have cost people thousands of dollars each year as they repair the damage in their homes and businesses. Though these insects tend to live in wooded areas, some make their way onto residential and commercial sites to build their colonies. Without a property inspection and quick termite control, these insects could eat you out of house and home.

Why are Termites a Problem?

Termites consume cellulose within wooden fibers. They mainly feed on decaying matter in the woods, such as old trees and fallen timbers. However, they also feed on buildings and other wooden structures. A colony will chew through fence posts, deck railings, wood flooring and anything else that feeds its appetite. A single colony can consume 6 pounds of wood in a year. If the colony grows, it can do massive damage in a short time.

How to Identify Termites

Because of their small size, it's not always easy to spot termites. They penetrate cracks and crevices and consume a building out of sight. These pests look like ants, having six legs and two antennae on their segmented bodies. A termite's head is larger than an ant's, and it also has a wider abdomen and straighter antennae. Mistaking termites for ants can set you up for real problems later, especially if you ignore the pests or you're using the wrong pest control product for the infestation.

Pest Control for Termites

It takes more than a simple insecticide to target and to control a termite colony. The pesticide must contain the proper formulation to work on these invasive insects. A termiticide containing bifenthrin, such as Bifen XTS, kills individual termites and the colony while also affecting other insects. Some of the more common termite control products include:

  • Adonis 2F
  • Altriset
  • Baseline
  • CB-80
  • Drione dust
  • Fuse
  • Termidor SC

Effective termite control starts with an inspection. After all, you'll want to identify the species correctly before applying any chemical pesticide to the area. Once you've identified the species, applying Drione dust to the area will help to kill the colony over time. A spray product will also provide quick kills as well as residual control to prevent reinfestations in the target area.

Avoid Costly Damage With Effective Termite Control

A termite infestation should not be ignored as it will only expand and become much harder to treat later. Once these insects have invaded a space, it takes a professional product to eliminate them for good. Keep an eye on discarded wings along the foundation and windowsills. It's a sign that termites have been breeding on your property and could be building a colony somewhere in the cracks and crevices. With the termite control products at Pedchem, you'll eliminate the colony and prevent costly repairs down the road.

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