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Adonis 2F Termiticide Insecticide

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Termites cause thousands of dollars in damages each year, which makes Adonis 2F Insecticide Termiticide an important factor in stopping termites in their tracks. This systemic termiticide contains imidacloprid, a powerful ingredient that provides effective control over social insects such as termites and ants. It also works well for targeting and controlling whiteflies, boring beetles and other invasive pests in residential and commercial settings.

Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Imidacloprid- 21.4%
Pest Control Subterranean termites, Ants, Whiteflies, Emerald ash borers
Sale Prohibited AK, AS, CT, HI, NY, PR, SD, WA
Shipping Rate Free
UPC 041535012519
EPA Registration 89459-54

Stop Termites With Adonis 2F

Adonis 2F nonrepellent termiticide/insecticide protects against subterranean termite damage and controls current infestations. Once it's applied, the termites spread the active ingredient throughout the colony where it targets the insects' central nervous system; the insects then suffer paralysis before dying.

Some target areas for use include:

  • Turfgrass
  • Residential and commercial landscapes
  • Residential fruit and nut trees
  • Around homes and commercial buildings

Target Pests With Adonis 2F Termiticide

Use Adonis 2F Termiticide to prevent and treat termite and ant infestations only in outdoor areas. It protects against boring beetles on fruit and nut trees and cures termite infestations around homes and businesses. Adonis 2F is safe to use around pets when it's used as directed, and it offers systemic control when compared to other termiticides.