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Altriset Termiticide

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Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Chlorantraniliprole 18.4%
Pest Control Subterranean Termites and Localized treatment of Drywood Termite. In-ground termite treatment around structures, Localized indoor treatment, spot treatment in trees (within 50 feet of structure)
Sale Prohibited AK, CT, NY, PR, RI
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EPA Registration 100-1503

How Altriset Termiticide Works

Altriset termiticide contains 18 percent chlorantraniliprole, a potent chemical that affects the pest insects' nervous system. Once a termite contacts the active ingredient, its muscles lose the ability to contract normally. After a few hours, the termite can no longer feed and dies as a result. Altriset termiticide degrades slowly, giving termites plenty of time to carry it into their colony and to infect other members.

Where to Use Altriset Termiticide

Subterranean termites burrow in the dirt and attack residential and commercial foundations at the ground level. Wood that contacts the ground is a prime target for termites. Use Altriset termiticide as an in-ground treatment around residential and commercial buildings. Drywood termites attack above the ground; however, Altriset only provides localized treatment for these pests. It's also possible to use Altriset termiticide as a spot treatment to protect trees within 50 feet of a building.

Target Pests

Altriset termiticide targets both subterranean and drywood termites. Though it's more effective at killing the subterranean species, it can be used as a localized treatment to kill drywood termites above the ground. Its reduced-risk status makes it safe to use in the environment and presents no serious health risks to people or pets.

Advantages of Using Altriset Termiticide

  • Works as an in-ground treatment to kill subterranean termites
  • Provides localized treatment for drywood species
  • Mixes easily in water and applies as a spot or an in-ground treatment
  • Has a reduced-risk status by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Kills termites within hours of contact
  • Effective termite control for pre- and post-construction

Control Termites With Altriset Termiticide

No matter if termites attack crawlspaces or foundations, Altriset termiticide starts to kill the pests on contact. It helps to control termite infestations and completely eliminates a colony in less than three months. The termites stop feeding within hours of touching the active ingredient, killing the colony from the inside out. Altriset provides five years of residual control and protects structures from further termite damage.