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Carolina Geranium: Also Crane's Bill

Posted by Kris Lee on

James H. Miller & Ted Bodner, Southern Weed Science Society,

What is Carolina Geranium?

Carolina Geranium is a winter annual or biennial and is also known as crane's bill because of how the fruit is shaped. The leaves are dissected and divided into toothed segments. It has hairy stems that are pinkish or reddish in color and produces white-pink to purple flowers, which makes it easy to differentiate from other geranium species.

How to Get Rid of Crane's Bill

Hand-pulling is a good method for getting rid of this geranium weed. Fall applications are most recommended for optimal control. Apply a broadleaf herbicide to the geraniums, preferably one with isoxaben as the active ingredient. If applying the product in ornamental gardens, check the label for exact instructions for use.

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