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Carpetweed: Not the Ideal Turf Grass

Posted by Kris Lee on

John D. Byrd, Mississippi State University,

What is Carpetweed?

Carpetweed is a summer annual that grows in circular patches. It has several stems that branch out from the center, laying on the ground and spreading several feet in diameter. This weed has light green leaves and forms small, white flower clusters with long stalks.

How to Get Rid of Carpetweed

Applying a pre-emergent herbicide before germination and soil temps reach 65 degrees F is helpful at keeping this weed under control. Look for an herbicide with carpetweed on the label, but most herbicides offer some type of broadleaf weed control. Keeping the turf grass at a slightly taller height can also help to prevent carpetweed infestations.

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