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Curly Dock: Thick and Wavy Weeds

Posted by Kris Lee on

NCSU Turfgrass Centre,

What is Curly Dock?

Curly dock is a taproot perennial weed that has signature wavy leaves with reddish midveins toward the bottom. It produces a main stem where flowers appear in green clusters but turn reddish-brown as they mature. This weed usually grows in wet areas near downspouts, ditches and other moist spots in the lawn.

How to Get Rid of Curly Dock

It's easier to control this weed in the fall or the spring with a postemergent herbicide that's labeled as a two-, three- or four-way broadleaf product. This weed can survive for two years or more and should be dealt with using herbicides and proper turf maintenance, such as routine mowing, fertilizing and also reduced irrigation.