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Alligare 8% Copper Water Treatment

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How Alligare 8% Copper Works

This successful algaecide contains 26 percent copper triethanolamine complex in a liquid formulation. This complex consists of an 8 percent metallic copper equivalent and works to eradicate algae in waters that are destined for drinking or recreation. Because it contains a lower percentage of copper, it's less harmful to fish than aquatic algaecides with chemical ingredients. However, you should only use the recommended rate according to the label to prevent toxicity to humans, fish and animals.

Where to Use Alligare 8% Copper

Alligare 8% Copper algaecide is labeled for use in fresh water lakes and ponds, including aquatic areas on golf courses and other recreational sites like parks. You can apply it to areas that provide water for livestock or crops. Use it to treat algae in fish hatcheries and slow-moving water bodies. The treated water can be used immediately for drinking or watering plants and turf areas.

Alligare 8% Copper Features and Benefits

  • Treats algae without the need for an exotic algaecide
  • Can be used in fresh water lakes, ponds and other aquatic areas
  • Treats irrigation ditches and fish hatcheries that are susceptible to algae growth
  • Kills green and blue-green algae, including diatoms and flagellates

Tips for Using Alligare Algaecide

  • Avoid applying in windy conditions as drift can occur and cause damage to other plants.
  • Maintain and calibrate aerial equipment according to the manufacturer's label.
  • Do not apply with a nozzle height that is greater than 4 feet above the crop canopy.
  • Minimize the impact to fish by treating only half of the water body. Wait at least two weeks between treatments.

Storage Tips

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep the lid sealed during storage.
  • Do not reuse the container.

Alligare 8% Copper Treats Numerous Bodies of Water

Algae ruins drinking water and threatens areas where people swim and play. It also contaminates water that is used for livestock, ornamental plants and turfgrass. After treating the water with Alligare algaecide, you can use it for drinking or recreational activities. It also works to keep algae from growing in irrigation ditches and fish hatcheries. For algae-free lakes, ponds and reservoirs, treat the water with Alligare 8% Copper algaecide.

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