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Advance Carpenter Ant Bait

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How Advance Ant Bait Works

Advance kills the ants with a slow-acting insecticide called abamectin, which attacks the pest's nervous system and causes paralysis and death. However, this active ingredient doesn't start affecting the insect right away. It takes a while to build up in its system and to paralyze the pest, giving it time to infect other colony members. Once the bait reaches the queen, she can no longer produce eggs. She will die soon afterward, bringing an end to the colony.

Where to Use Advance Carpenter Ant Bait

Controlling carpeting ants is easy when you use Advance ant bait in and around residences and businesses. It's formulated for indoor and outdoor use and targets carpenter ants as they chew into wood siding, eaves, decks and other structures. Although it works well as a standalone product, it can provide even better results when it's combined with Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel, especially when the gels are used with bait plate stations. Bait stations keep the bait fresh and protected from rain and contaminates.

Setting granular ant bait in the same location also helps to target ants that may not be in the mood to feed on a sugar gel. Some application sites for use include:

  • Food-storage areas
  • Lawns
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Golf courses
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals (nonpatient areas)

Target Pests

Though Advance is labeled as a carpenter ant bait, it is also effective at controlling other ant species indoors and outdoors. It kills invasive fire ants in lawns and odorous house ants in kitchens. Not only does it target acrobat ants and the Argentine species but also crazy ants, which infiltrate electronics and appliances and cause them to malfunction. It also controls other ant species such as harvester, big-headed and pharaoh.

Reasons to Use Advance Ant Bait

  • Contains a slow-acting ingredient to eliminate the colony
  • Targets numerous ant species such as fire and carpenter
  • Works well indoors and outdoors to control ant infestations
  • Can be applied alone or with other ant bait gels and granules
  • Controls ant populations within 24 hours

Stop Carpenter Ant Damage With Advance Bait

When carpenter ants invade wooden structures, it's time to take serious pest control action with Advance Carpenter Ant Bait. It contains an effective ingredient to kill nuisance carpenter ants but also other ant species such as pharaoh, thief and pavement. It can be used alongside granules to give ants protein and sugar choices depending on their mood. Placing the bait inside a bait station will also help it to work more effectively in outdoor environments. Whether it's carpenter ants or little black ants, Advance ant bait starts to work and to control the infestation within 24 hours.

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