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Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station - Case (6 stations)

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It's not always feasible or permitted to use rodent traps out in the open, especially if they're in a public building. The Aegis RP rodent bait station comes in handy for setting traps without having them visible to everyone around. It also provides an easy-to-open lid for changing out the bait, as well as a lock for added security against tampering.

Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Length: 12 7/8 Width (incl. hinge): 7 7/8 Height (lid closed): 4 Height (lid open): 3 1/2"
Product Uses Rats, mice, other rodents.
Sale Prohibited N/A
Shipping Rate Free
EPA Registration

How Aegis RP Works

The Aegis RP rodent bait station doesn't kill the pests by itself. Instead, it's used for storing rodent bait or a snap trap. In fact, it can hold one Trapper T-Rex rat trap as an alternative to standard bait. The top lid opens away from the wall and makes it easy to change out the bait with minimal effort. The station can also be used vertically or horizontally for use in open or cramped spaces.

Where to Use Aegis RP Bait Stations

Aegis RP bait stations can be used both indoors and outdoors in residential and commercial areas. It's best to place the station in areas where rodents travel, such as along exterior foundations and interior baseboards. Place a bait station in attics, crawlspaces and basements to capture mice, rats and other small rodents that have infested these areas.

Target Pests

The Aegis rodent bait station is used in combination with bait or snap traps to catch rodents such as mice and rats, including other invasive rodents like voles. Open the top to remove the rodent from the snap trap or to place more bait in the station for continued control.

Reasons to Use Aegis RP

  • Easy-open lid for quickly replacing the bait
  • Sets flush vertically or horizontally against walls
  • Tamper-resistant design with a lock and key
  • For use indoors and outdoors in homes and businesses
  • Holds a single Trapper T-Rex rat trap

Trap Rodents With Aegis RP Bait Stations

If it's prohibited to use bait and snap traps in the open, place them in Aegis RP rodent bait stations. They have a tamper-resistant design with a lock to keep children and pets away from the poison or the snap traps inside. They also have drain holes to keep the bait fresher for longer. Whether it's mice, rats or other rodents, the Aegis bait box makes it easy to capture the pests and to eliminate infestations indoors and outdoors.