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Arsenal AC Terrestrial Industrial and Aquatic Herbicide

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How Arsenal AC Terrestrial and Aquatic Herbicide Works

Arsenal AC Terrestrial and Aquatic Herbicide stands for applicators concentrate and controls competing weeds in forestry sites and other noncrop areas. It's labeled as a low-volume herbicide, which means that it does more harm to weeds than humans, not target animals and the environment. It contains imazapyr, a nonselective chemical that moves quickly through the weeds and disrupts protein synthesis and cell growth. This effective chemical kills the weeds and helps pines and other beneficial trees gain better root space.

Where to Use Arsenal AC

You can use Arsenal AC herbicide to control unwanted weeds and hardwood plants in terrestrial forestry sites and industrial areas. Its specialized formula also targets weeds around aquatic sites, giving you an effective solution for killing both land and aquatic vegetation without having to use multiple products. Use it to control weeds around wildlife openings, ponds and pine tree plantations.

Target Weeds

With Arsenal AC, you can kill many different terrestrial and aquatic weed species all in one. It eliminates Japanese bamboo, sweet gum and honeysuckle in protected forestry sites and tree developments. Arsenal AC also kills stubborn water-dwelling plants such as cattails and water primrose. Use it to target and control:

  • Cogon grass
  • Privet
  • Reed canary grass
  • Russian and autumn olive
  • Alligator weed
  • Parrot feather
  • Spartina

Arsenal AC Features and Benefits

  • Kills both terrestrial and aquatic weeds
  • Improves seedling survival rates
  • Boosts pine volume by targeting competing weeds
  • Lowers fire risk by reducing fuel load
  • Enhances wildlife habitats by crushing hardwood brush
  • Gentle on pine trees when used as directed

Application Tips

  • Apply a minimum of one injection for every 3 inches of breast height when using Arsenal as a tree injection.
  • Avoid planting black spruce seeds on broadcast-treated areas.
  • Use Arsenal AC only when trees do not show stress from drought or diseases.

Arsenal AC Protects Tree Crops from Invading Weeds

Weeds cut seedling survival rates by stealing soil nutrients, sunlight and root space. With Arsenal AC terrestrial, industrial and aquatic herbicide, you can control competing weeds and give your desired vegetation room to grow and thrive. Its primary chemical ingredient circulates through the weeds and affects cell growth, killing them and suppressing future infestations. Whether it's for a forestry site or a pond, kill invading weeds and hardwood plants with Arsenal AC herbicide.

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