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Bait Plate Stations

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Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Dimensions: 3.5"L x 2.5" W and they are about .5" thick when assembled.
Product Uses Rodents
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How Bait Plate Stations Work

Bait plate stations don't come with any bait, so it's important to have the bait ready to use beforehand. They can hold gel, granular or liquid baits and be placed in areas where pests travel or nest indoors. By using two bait stations in the same location, it's easy to offer the insects different baits to choose from, which comes in handy for finicky pests that may prefer liquid over granules.

Where to Use Bait Plate Stations

Use bait plate stations indoors to treat various insect pests. They come with a sticky dot for adhering them to walls; they also feature a hole for tacking the stations to any location. Place the filled bait stations inside cabinets, in corners, along baseboards and in crawlspaces to control pest infestations. Because the bait stations have a clear construction, it's easy to tell when they need to be refilled.

Target Pests

Bait plate stations don't target or kill insect pests by themselves. They require liquid, gel or granular baits and to be placed in areas where pests hide, nest and breed. They're useful for holding bait and eliminating ants and German cockroaches, including American roaches and other large indoor pests such as crickets.

Reasons to Use Bait Plate Stations

  • Clear construction for easily checking the bait levels
  • Securely holds gel, liquid and granular baits
  • Can be stuck to a wall or laid flat on the floor
  • Targets ants, roaches and other household pests
  • Reusable and keeps the bait fresh

Use Bait Plate Stations for Ants and Roaches

Bait plate stations are ideal for holding various baits and eliminating pest infestations indoors. They can be stuck to the wall or laid on the floor to tempt pests as they travel. These reusable and clear stations also have a removable tab for allowing larger insects to enter and to feed on the bait. No matter if it's an American cockroach infestation or a few ants, bait plate stations help to store fresh bait for eliminating household pests quickly and without the mess.