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Blindside Herbicide WDG

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Blindside Herbicide WDG is a one-of-a-kind weed killer and provides dual modes of action to eliminate and prevent weed growth. It comes as water dispersible granules and kills weeds through foliar and root absorption. It works in both cool- and warm-season grasses and controls more than 70 different broadleaf weed species. For fast weed control, spray them with Blindside herbicide.

Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Metsulfuron 6% Sulfentrazone 60%
Weed Killer Over 70 broadleaf weeds and sedges: Barnyardgrass, Black medic, Chickweed, Clover, Crabgrass (large & smooth), Dandelion, Henbit, Nutsedge (purple & yellow), Plantain, Sedge, Spurge, Wild garlic, Wild onion and others
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How Blindside Herbicide Works

Blindside contains two active ingredients to increase its effectiveness: metsulfuron and sulfentrazone. These two ingredients provide a one-two punch for killing tough weeds and sedges on most any residential, commercial and other noncrop site. Once it's applied, Blindside begins to show visual results in about one week but continues to control the weeds long after it's sprayed on the target area.

Because the formula stays active below the ground, this herbicide continues to work and stop weeds from germinating and popping up later in the lawn. Over time, there's less weed growth and a significant reduction in the need for weed control the next season.

Where to Use Blindside WDG

Use Blindside water dispersible granules on commercial and residential turfgrass, such as Kentucky bluegrass and St. Augustine. It kills and controls weeds even in tall fescue, Bermudagrass and certain hybrids. It knocks down the most common weeds on athletic fields like golf courses and prevents chickweed and other species from taking over business landscapes.

Some common places to use Blindside include:

  • Home lawns
  • Commercial sod farms
  • Recreational sites

It's important to note that Blindside isn't for putting greens or tees, nor should it be used to treat weeds on turfgrass under stress or on grazing pastures. Follow the label for exact instructions on where and how to use Blindside for the best results.

Target Weeds

Blindside kills over 70 different weed species, including resistant sedge. It's highly effective at killing and controlling future generations of wild garlic and onion, as well as clover and crabgrasses. It works on henbit and other common weeds in lawns and landscapes, preventing germination and causing less visual weed growth the following seasons.

Some of the common weeds that Blindside treats include:

  • Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Nutsedge
  • Spurge
  • Plantain
  • Kyllinga

Benefits of Using Blindside Granular Herbicide

Blindside beats its competition by having dual modes of action, eliminating the weeds above and below the ground. If elimination and prevention is the goal, this herbicide is a must-have in any pest control professional's arsenal. It also has other benefits, including:

  • Kills and controls 70 broadleaf weed species
  • Provides visual results in a week
  • Offers residual control and reduced weed growth
  • Works on most any noncrop site

Kill Over 70 Different Weeds With Blindside

Most herbicides target specific weeds or work for a short time. Blindside Herbicide WDG works throughout the growing season and continues to provide less weed growth the following season. It applies easily as a spray and kills weeds on cool- and warm-season grasses. Whether it's clover in the backyard or henbit on the fairways, nothing treats the weeds faster or for longer than Blindside herbicide.