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Bonzi Plant Growth Regulator

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What is a PGR?

A plant growth regulator does what it says: regulates plant growth using certain ingredients that inhibit gibberellin biosynthesis. Without a plant growth regulator, ornamentals can grow at uneven rates, resulting in nonuniformity and a less-attractive appearance. A PGR simply prohibits the stems from growing too quickly or longer than others and provides fuller growth; it can also promote early budding and blooming in some cases.

How Does Bonzi PGR Work?

Bonzi Plant Growth Regulator ornamental growth regulator contains less than 1 percent paclobutrazol but provides more results than other leading plant growth regulators. When it's applied as a spray or a drench, it translocates to the terminals and decreases internode stretch. By shortening the internodes, the plants develop compact cells, which leads to denser growth. It starts to work after one spray; however, you can make multiple applications under certain conditions.

Where to Use Bonzi PGR

Use Bonzi PGR on container ornamentals in greenhouses, shade houses and nurseries. You can also use it on ornamental plants throughout interiorscapes according to the label. However, you should not reuse any containers that were used to treat ornamentals with Bonzi. Apply this plant growth regulator to poinsettias, azaleas, geraniums and bulbs. It also works on bedding, perennial and foliage plants and maximizes consistency for greater visual enhancement.

Bonzi PGR Features and Benefits

  • Produces more uniform plant growth
  • Enhances ornamental appearance
  • Provides fuller growth and maintains peak beauty
  • Builds up tolerance to drought and transport stress
  • For use in greenhouses, shade houses, nurseries and interiorscapes

Application Tips

  • Mix the tank well before applying Bonzi to the plants.
  • Use sprays, drenches or bulb soaks depending on the situation.
  • Use the labeled rate ranges as a guide, but do not exceed the maximum recommended rate.

Bonzi PGR Maximizes Plant Consistency and Beauty

Bonzi plant growth regulator benefits your ornamentals in many different ways. For one, it can penetrate the stems, leaves and roots for greater uptake depending on the situation. It also reduces internode elongation for more compact growth and beauty. With one application of Bonzi PGR, you get denser leaves, early budding and flowering at the point of sale. If you need something that not only maintains plant beauty but also enhances marketability, treat your ornamental greenhouse plants with Bonzi plant growth regulator.

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