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Catchmaster 288i Insect and Spider Trap

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Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) The dimensions of the trap are 9.875" x 7.5" (TRAP), 9.875"x2.5" (Monitor).
Product Uses Insects and Spiders IPM, insect detection and monitoring. Residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, Can be used to accurately determine the location, species and severity of insect infestations.
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How the Catchmaster 288i Insect and Spider Trap Works

Catchmaster 288i insect and spider traps contain a food-grade molasses to attract pests. Each trap has an adhesive backing, providing the freedom to apply it in any position no matter the location. The insects seek out the molasses on the glue boards and become stuck on contact. Therefore, the insects can no longer breed and cause an infestation in homes, businesses and other buildings.

Where to Use Catchmaster 288i Traps

Use Catchmaster 288i insect and spider traps to catch numerous pest species in areas where they like to travel. Insects usually crawl along the edges of the walls and hang out in the corners either near the ceiling or the floor. Place a 288i trap in these areas to prevent the insects from congregating or traveling to nearby locations. The traps also come in handy for controlling the insect population in out-of-the-way spots like crawlspaces, attics and basements.

Target Pests

Catchmaster 288i insect and spider traps are best for general pest control. They target flying and crawling insects such as flies, millipedes and earwigs. Use them to catch stinkbugs, beetles, gnats and various spiders. These insect glue traps can be used individually or as a larger collective depending on the severity of the infestation.

Advantages of Using Catchmaster 288i Traps

  • Use them to catch insects and spiders in homes and businesses.
  • They work well in an integrated pest management program.
  • They're made of disposable cardboard.
  • The traps provide up to a year of continuous pest control.
  • The molasses lures pests out of their hiding spots.

Effective Catchmaster 288i Insect and Spider Traps

Catchmaster 288i Insect and Spider traps provide an effective solution for combating insects and spiders in homes, businesses and industrial settings. Each glue board includes three monitors that can be separated or used together as a larger trap. These traps catch various pests and reduce the insect population for up to a year. They're safe to use around pets when following the directions and effective at luring pests thanks to the food-grade molasses glue boards. When pests have invaded interior spaces, catch them where they hide with Catchmaster 288i insect and spider traps.