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Catchmaster Insect Light Glue Board Traps (907)

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Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Dimensions: 16.5 in. Length x 4.5 in. Width
Product Uses Glue boards fit into the Vector Plasma, Vector Classic, Vector Nova and Vector Plasma One, Vector Plasma, Vector Classic, and Vector Nova . They can also be split in two for smaller insect light traps.
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How Does Catchmaster 907 Glue Boards Work?

Catchmaster 907 fly light glue boards contain an adhesive that traps the flies as soon as they land on the surface. There are no toxic chemicals used on the boards, so they're safe to use with fly lights in commercial interiors. The black grid design attracts the flies to investigate the surface, trapping the flies for good. The fly boards have a specialized coating to prevent moisture and UV damage, making them ideal for use in outdoor areas.

Where to Use 907 Glue Boards

Use Catchmaster 907 fly glue boards with Vector Classic, Vector Plasma and other fly light traps. They're perfect for indoor fly control where the use of insecticides isn't recommended. The glue boards can be used in restaurants and other food-handling establishments to get rid of flies and to prevent an infestation. The boards can also be used in fly light traps in outdoor areas where people gather, such as on a deck or patio.

Target Pests

Fly light traps are designed to lure flies away from a specific area. When used with fly glue boards, the lights keep the flies trapped with no way to escape. The strong adhesive surface traps many different flies, from fungus gnats to houseflies. Use the boards in kitchens to keep fruit fly infestations under control. The fly lights may attract other flying and crawling pests as well, such as ants and silverfish, when used in areas with high pest activity.

Catchmaster 907 Features and Benefits

It's not always safe to use pesticides indoors, especially where food is being handled. Fly light traps are perfect for fly control since they capture the flies without the use of any pesticides. The replacement 907 glue boards fit into most fly lights on the market and may even be used on flat surfaces when kept out of reach of children and animals. Some other features include:

  • Can be used as-is or split into smaller parts
  • Has a large adhesive surface to capture more pests
  • For use in both indoor and outdoor fly light traps
  • Ideal for keeping flies away from food, trash bins and more

907 Replacement Glue Boards for Fly Lights

Catchmaster 907 replacement glue boards fit perfectly into Vector brand and other fly light traps. The strong adhesive surface keeps flies stuck in place, and the grid design makes it easy to count them and to monitor infestation levels. Because they don't contain any pesticides, they can be used indoors to keep flies away from food, trash bins and other areas. They're also perfect for use in outdoor fly traps since they resist UV and water damage.