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Cease Biological Fungicide

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How Cease Biological Fungicide Works

Unlike some fungicides, which contain copper-based ingredients, Cease Biological Fungicide contains the patented strain QST 713, known also as Bacillus subtilis. It not only provides efficacy against bacterial and fungal diseases but also uses multiple modes of action for complete resistance management. Cease works just as well as copper-based fungicides but without causing phytotoxicity or leaving behind residues. In addition, Cease is safe to use around beneficial insects and bees.

Where to Use Cease Biological Fungicide

Because Cease Biological Fungicide is a bactericide and a fungicide, it works great in areas where conditions favor disease development. Apply Cease in greenhouses, fields and interiorscapes to prevent bacterial and fungal growth on plants. It also works in:

  • Shade houses
  • Residential and commercial landscapes
  • Ornamentals and bedding plants
  • Cut flowers and potted plants
  • Tropical foliage
  • Container-grown trees
  • Shrubs and vegetables
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Benefits of Cease Biological Fungicide

  • Works well when tank-mixed
  • Contains a naturally occurring strain to destroy pathogens
  • For use in many different settings
  • Can be applied in three-day intervals
  • Fights diseases such as powdery mildew
  • Leaves no residue on the foliage or flowers
  • Four-hour restricted entry interval

Cease biological fungicide provides excellent safety while controlling many bacterial and fungal pathogens. It's compatible for tank-mixes and is safe for beneficial insects. Cease controls diseases using multi-site modes of action and is approved for use in organic production. When your plants are prone to bacterial and fungal development, use Cease biological fungicide to cure and prevent the pathogens from causing harm.

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