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Cutrine Plus Algaecide

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How Cutrine Plus Algaecide Works

Cutrine Plus algaecide contains 9 percent chelated copper for controlling blue-green algae and protecting water bodies. The copper binds to the algae and cuts into the cells, causing the plants to lose vital components. Without functioning cells, the algae die and can no longer compete with beneficial aquatic plant life or cause other problems in the water, such as covering the surface with green scum.

Where to Use Cutrine Algaecide

Use Cutrine Plus algaecide in aquatic areas where algae growth has occurred and contaminated the water. It can be applied to fishponds, ornamental ponds and water hazards on golf courses. However, it should not be applied to koi and hybrid goldfish ponds as this product may kill the fish. Apply it to small lakes and fish hatcheries to prevent algae, including irrigation ponds and storm-water areas.

Note: Cutrine Plus may negatively impact trout and other fish species. Refer to the label for application rates and exact areas for use.

Target Pests

Cutrine Plus targets various algae species in natural and artificial waterways. It successfully controls chara and cladophora as well as microcystis and spirogyra species. The chelated copper rips apart the cells and causes death within days.

Reasons to Use Cutrine Plus

  • Can be used in many different waterways to protect against algae
  • Targets various algae species such as chara and vaucheria
  • Contains 9 percent copper for maximum algae-fighting results
  • Has a patented formula that works better than similar algaecides

Target Invasive Algae With Cutrine Plus

If algae grow undisturbed in lakes and ponds, the plants can overtake the waterways and cause harm to beneficial aquatic plants and fish. The algae cause foul odors, create an unsightly film on the surface and compete with other plants for vital nutrients. Cutrine Plus algaecide eliminates invasive algae in the water and keeps the plants from causing damage. No matter the species, Cutrine Plus has a patented formula that targets and destroys the algae and prevents their growth and development.

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