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Droplex Xtra Adjuvant

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Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Modified vegetable oil, alkyl phenol ethoxylate, vegetable oil
Product Uses Adjuvant to enhance droplet spreading
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How Droplex Xtra Adjuvant Works

Droplex Xtra adjuvant contains a synthetic surfactant for reducing the surface tension between it and the modified vegetable oil in the product. Whether it's an outdoor crop or ants behind a baseboard, these two ingredients combined will help an herbicide, an insecticide, a fungicide and other liquid solutions to cover more surface area on the intended target. It increases the total number of droplets and promotes better performance of the control product.

Where to Use Droplex Xtra

Use Droplex Xtra adjuvant with other liquid products to get improved coverage and control on plants, lawns, crops and other areas where a tank mix is needed. It can be added to a tank with insecticides, liquid fertilizers, herbicides and more and may lower usage rates for those products. It's available in a pre-mix, minimizing the overall mixing time.

Target Weeds

Droplex Xtra adjuvant doesn't provide weed control on its own. Instead, it's combined with products to improve their effectiveness. If it's added to a tank mix with an herbicide, it will help the droplets cover more surface area and kill more weeds. Adding Droplex to a liquid fertilizer will help it to spread more easily over the target area and to reach more plants.

Reasons to Use Droplex Xtra Adjuvant

  • Promotes better coverage of the product
  • May lower usage rates of pesticides and plant nutrients
  • Can limit the damage from drifting pesticides
  • Comes in a pre-mix to reduce mixing times
  • Improves the number of droplets on the target

Droplex Xtra Adjuvant Enhances Pesticide Use

Improve product coverage and performance with Droplex Xtra adjuvant. It mixes easily in the tank with other products to limit damage from drift, to increase control and to lower overall product usage rates. Droplex decreases droplet spread over the area and helps the product reach more of the target. Whether Droplex Xtra is combined with certain pesticides or foliar-applied nutrient products, it leads to more of the active ingredients reaching the target and performing better than if they were applied alone.