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Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide Insecticide

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How Floramite SC Miticide Insecticide Works

Bifenazate, the highly effective ingredient in Floramite Miticide Insecticide, has a mode of action that still remains unclear by researchers. Because this ingredient causes paralysis in mites, researchers suggest that it acts on the nervous system. However, other research indicates that bifenazate targets the mitochondria, which could explain its selective nature. Because it doesn't provide systemic activity, you'll have to cover the upper and lower surfaces of leaves and fruit for maximum control.

Where to Use Floramite SC Miticide Insecticide

Floramite SC Miticide Insecticide works on all ornamental plants, including flowerbeds, foliage plants and bulb crops. It knocks mites off perennials and shrubs and protects nonbearing fruit trees and greenhouse-grown tomatoes. In the following areas, Floramite SC Insecticide provides control of mites on plants that grow in the ground or in containers:

  • Plant nurseries
  • Christmas tree plantations
  • Interiorscapes
  • Residences
  • Campgrounds
  • Public parks
  • Golf courses
  • Rights of way

Floramite SC Miticide Insecticide Target Pests

Although Floramite Miticide Insecticide controls many invasive mite species, it does not control rust, broad and flat mites. Therefore, you'll need to combine it with another miticide to combat those specific mites in greenhouses and landscapes. Floramite acts on the mobile stages and also has some ovicidal activity. Some of the more common mite species that Floramite controls include:

  • Bamboo mites
  • Citrus and clover mites
  • European red mites
  • Pacific mites
  • Southern red mites
  • Strawberry mites
  • Two-spotted spider mites

Floramite SC Features and Benefits

  • Offers quick knockdown and residual activity
  • Controls numerous mite species
  • Protects foliage plants, trees, fruits and shrubs
  • For use in plant nurseries, greenhouses, landscapes and more
  • Does not affect beneficial predators when used as directed
  • Compatible with integrated pest management programs
  • Can be tank-mixed with other pesticides for improved control

Target Mite Pests With Floramite SC Miticide

With Floramite SC ornamental miticide insecticide, you can protect your foliage plants, trees and flowers from damaging spider mites. It offers quick knockdown of all mobile stages and even affects mite eggs before they hatch. You can use Floramite SC in many different settings from interiorscapes to athletic fields and protect greenhouse-grown tomato crops for greater marketability. If you want an effective way to kill mites and control population numbers, use Floramite SC as part of your pest-resistance program.

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