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Savate (Judo) Miticide/Insecticide

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How Savate Miticide Insecticide Works

Savate Miticide Insecticide is classified as a lipid biosynthesis inhibitor and prevents mites and whiteflies from retaining proper water levels; the pests dry up and die as a result. It works on all pest developmental stages and provides successful control with a single application. Savate contains a new chemical class of tetronic acids and has lasting effects up to 30 days. Though the active ingredient spiromesifen works hard on whiteflies and mites, it is soft on beneficial insects such as parasitic wasps and predatory beetles.

Where to Use Savate Miticide Insecticide

Use Savate miticide/insecticide in both residential and commercial greenhouses and plant nurseries. Rotate it with other products as part of an effective pest management program. It provides potent results on more than 400 greenhouse and nursery ornamental species; however, it should not be used on ornamentals such as chrysanthemums, ferns and tropical plants. Refer to the label for a full list of non-applicable ornamentals.

Target Pests

Savate works on all spider mite species, which include the rust, broad, red and flat mites. It also kills many whitefly species such as the greenhouse, sweet potato and silverleaf whiteflies. Savate targets all Q-biotype whitefly species as well as the giant whitefly.

Benefits of Savate Miticide/Insecticide

  • Controls all developmental stages of mites and whiteflies
  • Starts to work within three to 10 days
  • Reduces egg production in adult females
  • Lowers egg-hatching percentage
  • Soft on many beneficial insects
  • Rainfast and provides up to 30 days of control
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Target all spider mites and many whitefly species with Savate miticide/insecticide. After one application, Judo begins to work on the eggs and developmental stages of the pests. Exposed females produce fewer eggs, thus reducing population explosions. Judo offers control for up to a month and may start to work within the first few days.

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