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Sector Mosquito Killing Concentrate

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How Sector Insecticide Misting Concentrate Works

Sector Misting Insecticide Concentrate combines permethrin with piperonyl butoxide to create an effective, fast-acting solution for eradicating hard-to-kill pest insects. It works as a knockdown and residual insecticide, killing pests quickly and providing long-lasting control in a variety of settings, from cattle barns to residential lawns and warehouses. It applies easily with ULV foggers, automatic spraying systems and mosquito misting systems for eliminating and controlling numerous biting and stinging insects.

Where to Use Sector Misting Insecticide Concentrate

Apply Sector Insecticide in areas where mosquitoes, horseflies and other flying insects congregate outdoors. Sector also controls indoor pests in areas such as restaurants and mills. Other areas for use include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Residential lawns
  • Granaries
  • Business landscapes
  • Cattle barns
  • Poultry houses
  • Meat-packing plants

Sector Misting Concentrate not only eliminates mosquitoes from backyards but also biting insects from farms, horse barns and other areas where animals are kept.

Sector Target Pests

Sector's specially designed formula kills mosquitoes, house flies and other irritating pests. Some common target pests include:

  • Adult Japanese beetles
  • Biting midges
  • Black flies
  • Chinch bugs
  • Deer flies
  • Gnats
  • Forest tent caterpillars
  • Hornets
  • Mole crickets
  • Wasps

When it's used in a misting system, Sector kills pest insects as they enter the target area. Spraying Sector in areas where insects dwell kills current infestations and prevents population overgrowth in the future.

Control Stubborn Pests With Sector Misting Concentrate

When mosquito numbers grow in the backyard and flies infest animal quarters, eliminate the threat with Sector Misting Concentrate. This effective insecticide kills mosquitoes, gnats, deer flies and other resistant pests in residential and commercial areas. Sector not only provides quick knockdown but also residual control of flying and crawling insects on lawns, plants and shrubs. It works effectively in ULV foggers and automatic misting systems in backyards and agricultural settings.

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