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Sonar PR Aquatic Vegetation Herbicide Control

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Sonar PR Precision Release herbicide provides a fast, predictable release of active ingredient in a convenient and economical formulation for the precise management of aquatic vegetation in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage canals, irrigation canals and rivers.

Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Fluridone 5.0%
Pest Control bladderwort, fanwort, hydrilla, pondweed, watermilfoil, variable-leaf, duckweed, salvinia, mosquito fern, paragrass, tapegrass, eelgrass, alligatorweed, american lotus, cattail, creeping waterprimrose, smartweed, spatterdock, waterlily, waterpurslane, watershield, barnyardgrass, giant cutgrass, torpedograss
Sale Prohibited AK, CA, HI, WA
Shipping Rate Free
EPA Registration 67690-12

Sonar PR Precision Release brings improved efficacy, broader treatment sites and increased monitoring capability to the ever-expanding Sonar product line.

Sonar PR Precision Release delivers a higher initial active ingredient concentration than Sonar SRP while maintaining a higher concentration for a longer period of time after the initial application than both Sonar A.S. and SRP. Sonar Aquatic Herbicide selectivity is dependent upon dosage, time of year, stage of growth, method of application and water movement. Please see the Sonar label for an outline of vascular aquatic plants controlled, partially controlled and not controlled by Sonar. Algae (chara, nitella, filamentous species) are not controlled by Sonar.