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Suspend SC Insecticide

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How Suspend SC Insecticide Works

Deltamethrin belongs to a class of pyrethroids, a synthetic version of pyrethrin. Pyrethrins come from chrysanthemum flowers and work as natural insecticides. This powerful ingredient kills insects through direct contact or ingestion, disrupting their nervous system and eventually causing death. Suspend insecticide contains 4.75 percent deltamethrin and additional solvents to help keep the particles suspended in the mixture and to extend its shelf life.

Suspend Insecticide Target Areas

Use Suspend insecticide indoors and outside where pest infestations cause concern. It works to control pests in restaurants, hotels and other commercial establishments, as well as turfgrass and ornamental landscapes. You can also use Suspend around box springs for long residual control of various insect pests.

Apply it as a crack and crevice treatment for insects around homes and businesses. It's a great product and stays on the surface, providing excellent results long after the insecticide has been applied. Use SC around the following areas and more:

  • Food-handling areas
  • Residential and commercial bathrooms
  • Shrubs and hedges
  • Along sidewalks and driveways
  • Recreational and athletic fields
  • Industrial warehouses

Target Pests Fast With Suspend Insecticide

Suspend insecticide starts to work on contact and controls everything from indoor cockroaches to outdoor bluegrass weevils. It kills flour beetles and other pantry pests in kitchens and food stores. Suspend SC also targets other pests, including:

  • Bed bugs
  • Carpenter ants and other ant species
  • Fungus gnats
  • House flies
  • Midges
  • Moths
  • Scorpions
  • Termites

Suspend Features and Benefits

  • Provides up to three months of protection
  • Works on contact
  • Goes on clear and doesn't produce an odor
  • Useful for commercial and residential spaces
  • 1 gallon treats up to 1,000 square feet

Tips for Using Suspend SC Insecticide

Don't apply Suspend as a space spray indoors. Instead, use it as a spot treatment around infested areas such as baseboards and pipes. For bed bug treatment, remove and wash all linens before reuse. Apply Suspend to the mattress, making sure to treat the folds, edges, tufts and interior frame. Give the entire bed time to dry before covering with fresh linens.

Allow 30 minutes after applying Suspend before inviting pets and children into the space. Although you can use this insecticide around trees and plants, you should never apply it directly to edible fruits and vegetables.

Target Infestations on Contact With Suspend

Suspend kills insects quickly and provides residual control for 90 days. It combines easily with water and applies thoroughly with a hand sprayer. Use it as a spot and crevice treatment and for preventing infestations around the perimeter of homes and businesses. If invasive pests have created havoc on your property, strike back with Suspend.

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