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Droplex Adjuvant/Surfactant for Herbicides and Insecticides

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Some adjuvants negatively affect spray patterns, but Droplex works just as effectively at low rates. It also provides maximum coverage and maintains droplet size when it's applied at high rates with an air-assisted nozzle. Droplex reduces the overall number of fine particles during application and helps the spray reach its target with minimal drift. It works well with boom and hand sprayers and mixes easily with desiccants and defoliants.

Droplex Adjuvant Features and Benefits
  • Derived from modified vegetable oil and emulsifiers
  • Effective with fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides
  • Reduces drift and improves spray coverage
  • Penetrates canopies for maximum effectiveness
  • Minimizes pesticide evaporation during application
  • Works well at high and low rates
  • Does not thicken the spray or encapsulate the product

Get Maximum Spray Coverage With Droplex Adjuvant
Use Droplex adjuvant to reduce spray drift and improve droplet buildup on intended targets. It maintains optimal droplet size for better coverage, canopy penetration and drift reduction. Droplex works effectively with everything from herbicides to desiccants without encapsulating the products. It applies easily with hand and boom sprayers and maintains droplet size whether it's applied at high or low rates.

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